What does “at liberty” mean?

As per Merriam-Webster: the definition of the term liberty is the quality or state of being free:

  1. The power to do as one pleases.
  2. Freedom from physical restraint.
  3. Freedom from arbitrary control.
  4. The positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges.
  5. The power of choice.

The term “to be at liberty” means to be free or not restrained. The term brings to my mind a service person that is “allowed” to have some time off “on liberty”.  A horse or a dog a without restraint are free to move about at its own will is “at iberty”.

As a young girl growing up in beautiful Central Montana, in the summers mom, my sister and I would travel to various locations within the state for my father’s work. We had many different wonderful experiences that the state of Montana has to offer. My father, having grown up in the depression era, was extremely hard working and provided very well for his family. When school was in session dad was by himself on the job site and traveled home every weekend. Sometimes, twice a week he traveled across the state and Montana is a big state, only to be home for one or two days. My mom and dad worked very hard to give our family a comfortable life. No trauma there, check.

I had a great childhood, or so I thought.  I had everything I needed, my pets, food, clothing and a warm place to live with two parents that loved me. I am the third child of four, with two older brothers and a younger sister. Pretty normal, huh? No trauma there, check.

During the summers, I missed out on forming relationships that most kids do in the summer.  I felt lonely, out of place and as though I didn’t belong anywhere. I didn’t have a “tribe”. These feelings carried over to my adulthood. It wasn’t until I found the Touched by a Horse program founded and developed by Melisa Pearce that I found the strength to stop being a people pleaser and live for my passion. After doing the work to become at peace with myself, finally, I feel like I am a part of something. Serving and helping others is the reason I was put on this earth, that is my passion.

Trauma is an experience that you store in your body, it can stay within you for a lifetime, you may not even remember it. Something that is traumatizing for one might not trigger another.

As an adult you are in the same body that you were as a child, the same nervous system in both bodies, the child and the adult. Trauma is trauma, grief is grief and regret is regret.  These experiences are different for everyone. Some may seem more difficult or horrendous than others, but none the less traumatic.  There is a place of  no judgement, it’s  in the safe and private Gestalt circle, where everyone is free to be who they “really” are. Now, I relish the notion that I am different, and I am accepted as who I am, really who I am. I made the choice to move forward in my life and to follow my passion. What  is passion really ?  Passion=energy, it is the energy within your body to move you away from self-doubt and other thoughts that beat you down in your body. Trauma is from the neck down. Your body is where the real power is. Gestalt along with your coaching partners will help you to identify where your emotional pain is stuck. Although your brain may try to convince you otherwise. Being “stuck” is a symptom of not allowing yourself to grow and show up and fulfill your purpose in life by finding your voice and become your authentic self, to share your story to the world and to share your love with others.

Choices, we all have choices, now is your opportunity to make a choice. Break free of the dark and the chains that bind you, let in the sunshine. Gestalt helps defineyour choices and helps you to move forward to live through those choices. How to live free to be…. whatever you want to be.


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