Analogy of The Wizard of OZ

                Greif, Trauma, And Regret Oh My 

Introduction to the anology

This past Halloween my daughter and I were visiting, she mentioned to me that she was asked by a student if she was going to watch a popular movie “Hocus Pocus” on Halloween, she emphatically replied “NO”!  When I asked her why, she proceeded to remind me that this movie was her childhood trauma.  Well, I’ll be darned, mine was the movieThe Wizard of Oz”.  That made me wonder about writing an analogy between Dorothy’s line in the movie “Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my”  to grief, trauma, and regret, oh my.

How would any self-respecting want-to-be writer start a piece on that subject?  I was expecting to put a lot of thought and time into this subject. For the fun of it, I checked with ChatGPT.  This is what it came up with. Not so much thought or time as I expected. ChatGPT seemed to be reading my mind. I think as far as comparing gestalt to the movie “The Wizard of Oz”  it is a pretty good comparison. No ruby slippers needed for Gestalt.


     Analogy of The Wizard of Oz   


               “Lions,Tigers and Bears, oh my”                                                                           

In a land not so far from the realm of Oz, a young girl named Dorothy, burdened by grief, trauma, and regret, found herself swept away in a whirlind of emotions and memories. Her journey to the Emerald City became a metaphorical path of healing and self-discovery.

As she followed the yellow brick road, she encounterd a Scarecrow, who symbolized the feeling of emptiness, the regret of missed opportunities. Together, they embarked on a quest to find a brain,  not just for the Scarecrow, but to better understand complex thoughts and emotions that came with her past.

Next they met the Tin Man, representing the heartache and emotional numbness caused by grief. His desire for a heart mirrored Dorothy’s yearning to reconnect with her own feelings and mend a broken heart.

Along the way, they encountered the Cowardly Lion,  a character who embodied the fear and trauma that had held Dorothy captive for so long. She realised that courage wasn’t the absence of fear but the willingness to confront her past and fears head-on.

Finally, they arrived at the Emerald City, where they met the Wizard, who turned out to be a reflection of Dorothy’s own internal struggles and the realization that the answers to her grief, trauma, and regret were within her all along.

In this analogy of the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy sees her own internal struggle and realizes that the answers to her own grief, trauma, and regret were within her all along.





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