Karen, a poem

This is my given Northern Cheyenne name

hesta ‘he mo’ enase

It translates as

“blessed animal heart woman”


    In a realm where love entwines,

Where dogs and horses set the lines,

There resides a soul, gentle and kind,

A spirit captivating, Karen, defined.

Her heart, a haven for paws and hooves,

She cherishes them, each creature she soothes.

With canines loyal, her love does bloom,

Their wagging tails erase all gloom.

In her presence, dogs find solace sweet,

Their playful antics at her feet.

From bounding joy to gentle snuggles,

Her love for them only deepens and doubles.

But horses, majestic, hold her gaze,

Their grace and strength her spirit amaze.

She finds solace atop their backs,

In the rhythm of hooves, her worries slack.

With reins in hand, she rides the breeze,

Through fields and forests, her soul finds ease.

In harmony, they move as one,

Bound by a bond, never to come undone.

Karen, a guardian of four-legged friends,

Her love for them knows no amends.

In their eyes, she sees pure devotion,

A love story etched in eternal motion.

So here’s to Karen, a woman of grace,

Whose heart’s symphony echoes in each embrace.

May dogs and horses forever bless her days,

As she continues on love’s noblest of ways.